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An Expert for Repurposing your Content

Paste a link or upload a file and get 10+ additional pieces of content

What is it?

Automata is built on the same technology as the latest (premium) ChatGPT, but it's different than your Grandma's ChatGPT. Run 10s of queries in parallel, interact with a system that understand marketing and content repurposing, and throw big videos and big PDFs at it.

Repurpose Faster

Stop waiting for a chatbot to respond. Upload, click, and let the magic happen in the background.

AI that understands repurposing

After repurposing thousands of pieces of content, our AI knows what works and what doesn't.

Repurpose Videos, Websites, PDFs, and more

Content in a weird format? No problem.

Turn a Video into a Blog Post

Publish SEO-optimized blog posts for every video. Enable Autopilot for hands-off repurposing of your YouTube channel.

Play Video about Turn a video into a blog

Why Repurpose with Automata

Publish Consistently

Set your repurposing tasks on Autopilot.

Publish on more channels

Create once and share on multiple channels.

share insights, not links

Don't just share your link and hope, share the insights.

Unlock value in untapped docs

PDFs and videos can trap valuable insights. Unlock them with Automata.

Repurpose Content Alongside Enterprise Marketers, Marketing Coaches, and Consultants

"This is so awesome. As a writer, it's shocking how much you’re making me like AI. 🤯
Bree Neely, VP of marketing at Doozy solutions
“Automata has helped us define our content strategy. Now that we're posting more consistently, we're seeing our social engagement grow."
Brent Danis, Marketing Technologist
“Works like magic. Least amount of input among all others I have tried yet produces maximum output."
Gina Meneses, Email Marketer

Automata Insights

Insights on marketing, content repurposing, and other random things.