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What are AI writing tools good at, and what are they bad at?

AI Writing Tools: What They Can and Can’t Do

If you haven’t heard of AI writing tools, and you’re a content marketer or writer, then we need to have a chat. It seems like every marketer on social media has an opinion about this topic. These opinions range from outright rage and fear of losing their jobs to “holy...

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Should You Use LinkedIn in Your Content Distribution Plan?

Where is your audience most active? As simple as this question is, many businesses distribute content on LinkedIn and other social media platforms without considering its answer. While it might seem like a great idea, it isn’t always the best course of action, especially when you take the specifics of...

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How to scale your content marketing strategy no matter your team's size

How to Scale Your Content Marketing Strategy No Matter Your Team’s Size

Many large and high-growth B2B companies are fortunate to have robust marketing teams, large budgets, and sophisticated content marketing strategies. Everyone has a specific task and the entire team moves like a well-oiled machine, with creative professionals available and ready to execute every new content idea. However, because every company...

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Should you pay for content distribution or do it yourself?

Should You Pay for Content Distribution or Do It Yourself?

A common misconception among marketers, especially those in the early stages of their content creation journey, is that once you’ve written and optimized your content for SEO, you’re good to go. Content distribution often takes a back seat. However, things are more complicated than that. Roughly six million blog posts...

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How to Repurpose Webinar Content for Social and Web

The amount of effort that goes into most webinars is too significant to ignore. Content repurposing can help you get the most out of every webinar and make sure as much value is extracted as possible. If your speakers aren’t internally sourced, you have to spend time writing or calling...

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Automata and Tinyseed

Automata has joined the TinySeed Spring 2022 Batch

We’re thrilled to announce that Automata has joined the TinySeed Accelerator Spring 2022 Batch! TinySeed is a yearlong, remote startup accelerator that exclusively funds bootstrapped SaaS startups. We continue to work towards the goal of providing sophisticated marketing teams with a solution to repurpose and distribute their content at scale...

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Artificial Intelligence in the marketing funnel

A customer’s journey from becoming aware of your brand to the final action of purchasing is complex, but it can be understood in terms of a hierarchy of stages. Unless your brand is a household name, you’re likely unknown to prospective customers. Even if you are well known, you might...

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