Content Repurposing — AI for Marketers

Content Repurposing: What is it?

Content repurposing is the practice of modifying and adapting existing content to serve different content goals or platforms.

What are some use cases for Marketers?

Marketers can extend the lifespan and reach of their content by repurposing it. For instance, they can transform a well-received blog post into an infographic, a podcast episode, or a series of social media posts.

What are the advantages for Marketers who understand Content Repurposing?

Maximizes the ROI on content creation efforts, increases content’s reach and visibility, allows content to be adapted to various audience preferences.

What are the challenges related to Content Repurposing?

Content needs to be high quality and versatile for effective repurposing, and it requires careful planning to ensure that repurposed content is fit for each platform.

Examples of applying Content Repurposing for Marketers

A video transcript can be repurposed into a blog post, a series of social media posts, or an infographic.

The future of Content Repurposing

As content consumption habits continue to evolve, marketers will need to become even more proficient at repurposing content for different platforms, formats, and audience segments.
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