Multiply your blogs and videos with Automated Content Repurposing

Turn videos into articles, articles into Twitter threads, and case studies into newsletters (and much, much more).

AI has changed what it means to repurpose content

Turn any content into Full blogs, article briefs, outlines, LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, Q&A sections, newsletters, and more in a single workflow

Use AI to create a LinkedIn post with a single click

Repurpose any content as a LinkedIn post without leaving the page with Automata's Chrome Extension.

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This is so awesome. As a writer, it's shocking how much you’re making me like AI. 🤯
Bree Neely
Bree Neely
VP of Marketing, Doozy Solutions
Automata has helped us define our content strategy. Now that we're posting more consistently, we're seeing our social engagement grow.
Brent Danis
Brent Danis
Marketing Technologist, Okera
Works like magic. Least amount of input among all others I have tried yet produces maximum output.
Gina Meneses
Gina Meneses
Email Marketer

Create an AI-assisted content machine that
doesn't leave value on the table

Unlock more value from every piece of content. Intelligently re-use, recycle, and repurpose to create an elite content creation and distribution machine.

Publish more consistently

Social platforms reward consistency. Turn every blog post into a Twitter thread and a native LinkedIn post.

Deliver insights across all channels

Deliver insights and thought leadership across every channel from each piece of content you publish.

Share insights, not just links

Dumping links on social doesn't work. Your audience is hungry for a native point of view, so give it to them.

Unlock value trapped inside videos and PDFs

Extract the key points from every PDF and video and meet your audience where they are spending time.

Stay up to date on how AI is affecting the way Marketers do their jobs

Free resources on how to repurpose and distribute content, news about AI tools for Marketers, and more!