Get a personalized content repurposing platform that is specific to your company and your content.

We spend time researching the content landscape of every new user and their competitors. With custom AI models and content dashboards, your team will get a completely unique experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

One on-demand credit allows you to process one piece of content. This can be a blog post, a PDF, a Youtube video, a LinkedIn post, or any other piece of content.

An automated credit is used whenever a new piece of content is detected on a tracked page. A tracked page can be a social feed, a blog page, a Youtube channel, or any page that contains published marketing assets.

Whenever a new piece of content is detected, an Automata repurposes it for the requested channels and formats to be used immediately.

Marketing activity from your top competitors is tracked across their blog page, LinkedIn page, Twitter feed, and Youtube channel. The following views are provided in the competitive content monitoring dashboard:


  • Insights page: View a snapshot of the top publishers on each channel based on volume and performance.
  • Blogs & Social: View recent blog and social posts along with performance ranking and trending topics published by each competitor.
  • YouTube: Keep track of recent videos posted along with performance metrics and common topics.
  • Technical SEO: Benchmark your technical SEO performance alongside your competition. See who is providing their audience (and yours) the best on-page experience.
  • Audience: View the overlap of your Twitter followers and referring domains with your competitors . Also identify domains that are linking to your competitors but not to you and Twitter followers that are following your competitors and not you.

AI language generation is improving rapidly, but it still struggles with niche topics and technical content. By fine tuning AI language models on specific content, it has a better chance of understanding the nuances of your content.

Content repurposing is the process of reusing and repackaging existing content for multiple channels and platforms.

Content distribution is the process of promoting your marketing assets across multiple channels such as social, email, and through syndication.

Any piece of content can be repurposed, but Automata currently specializes in text-based content and YouTube videos.

Text-based content can include social posts, email newsletters, blog posts, case studies, white papers, ebooks, and other assets found on the web, PDFs, or word documents.

A repurposed piece of content contains material and insights that can be help your team with content repurposing, content distribution, research, and content planning. Automata also provides data and insights to support a content repurposing and distribution strategy.

Content Repurposing:

  • Twitter threads
  • Email subject lines
  • Email newsletter content
  • Blog outline
  • Headlines

Content distribution:

  • Promotional Twitter posts
  • Promotional LinkedIn posts
  • Summaries
  • Suggested backlink targets

Content research:

  • Organic Search competition
  • Companies writing about similar topics
  • Articles about similar topics
  • Related Videos

Content planning:

  • Suggested article ideas