automata trigger point hiring patterns

Trigger Point Showcase: Hiring Patterns

Hiring patterns are an exceptional way to gain insight into a company's current and future activities. As projects come and go and technology advances around them, its workforce composition must adapt to keep up with market trends.
The new face of intuition

The new face of intuition

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now been around for several decades and promises to change the way you live your life.  In fact, most technology you use every day already operates using AI concepts like machine learning and natural language processing.  Although we're quite far from a universal AI machine that can learn and understand as arbitrarily as humans do, an increased availability of computing resources and advanced algorithms facilitate the use of AI concepts in data analysis and insight identification.  A recent IBM-sponsored Harvard Business Review report outlines the trend of many organizations towards an increasingly data-driven decision making process using both internal and external data and advanced analytics to compete in an "insight economy".