Andrew Fraine

Artificial Intelligence in the marketing funnel

A customer’s journey from becoming aware of your brand to the final action of purchasing is complex, but it can be understood in terms of a hierarchy of stages. Unless your brand is a household name, you’re likely unknown to prospective customers. Even if you are well known, you might be offering a new product or addressing a new market, so you’re still starting from zero in terms of how your solution solves their problem.… Read More »Artificial Intelligence in the marketing funnel

AI Content Generation has been commoditized—this is good for marketers

AI Content Generation made a splash in 2020 and 2021, and 2022 will likely be no different. AI Content Generation is the automation of language achieved by training AI models on a huge corpus of text. Developers can ask these AI models to continue writing where they leave off. The approach is to iteratively estimate the word that most likely comes next given the context that came before it. Several companies brought their enormous AI… Read More »AI Content Generation has been commoditized—this is good for marketers

A/B testing with AI content generation

AI content generation is finding its place throughout the marketing stack. Suggesting engaging headlines, writing email subject lines, assisting customer support teams, and writing full-blown articles are just a few examples. Demand generation activity like capturing leads with gated content is also ripe for getting an efficiency boost from AI content generation. There are many different strategies for lead generation, but one common approach especially for enterprise companies, is to host landing pages that lead… Read More »A/B testing with AI content generation

Your marketing content is sophisticated – your tools should be too

There are a lot of marketing tools, and it seems like every new tool is powered by AI. With the increased availability of commoditized AI platforms over the last two years, it is easier than ever to build a product powered by AI. However, there is still a big variance in the sophistication of the products popping up in the market. Since we are an AI-focused company, we are going to focus on marketing tools… Read More »Your marketing content is sophisticated – your tools should be too

AI for Marketers in 2022

The last two years have been big for marketing and AI and there’s no reason to think 2022 will be any different. We think 2022 will be the year marketing applications built on top of AI language generation platforms reach widespread enterprise use and companies will double down on AI-powered content personalization. New technologies often go through a transition from “this an interesting thing to keep an eye on” to “ok, this thing delivers real… Read More »AI for Marketers in 2022