AI-powered content generation grounded in your marketing Knowledge Base

We audit all of your content marketing channels to build a searchable database that the AI-engine can access.

All of your marketing content in a single Semantic Search Engine

Search through all of your marketing content across Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Product Pages, E-book, Videos, Podcasts, and Case Studies.

Uncover old content to repurpose in a snap, or flex a new super power that is made possible by advanced AI technology: multi-source content repurposing.

Transfer your team’s point of view, research, and insights on a topic from past work into a new piece of content for any channel.

A new way to create content: Multi-source content repurposing

Automata automatically selects content to repurpose based on a topic. Repurpose 20+ pieces of content into a single coherent new piece.

Uncover existing content in your Knowledge Base to repurpose for new channels

Scan back years to uncover what your team has written in the past. Find evergreen content to make new again.

Old content made new again. Find an old post or a video from five years ago to make into new social content or a newsletter.

Let's build your Marketing Knowledge Base and start creating a content repurposing machine together.

Explore Other Product Features

Content Distribution

Generate assets and insights that will help distribution on social, email, and PR campaigns. Learn more about content distribution.

Autopilot: Hands-off Content Repurposing

Put your Content Repurposing on Autopilot. Apply a content repurposing workflow whenever new content is published on YouTube or your Blog. Learn more about how we track your content and automatically repurpose it.

Content Repurposing

Repurpose existing marketing assets to use on social, email, and PR campaigns. Learn more about content repurposing.