Publish More Content Without Creating More Content

Get more shares, links, and traffic from every marketing asset with Automata's AI-powered content enrichment platform

Your team is creating world class content. Don't let it fade away on your website.

Automata's Content Enrichment platform helps marketers repurpose, distribute, and analyze content created by their own team of real, knowledgeable, talented writers and creators.

AI-Generated Text Informed by Your Marketing Content

Extract key themes and topics from your marketing content such as webinars, white papers, and blog posts. Generate unique standalone content or promotional posts for social, PR, email campaigns, and employee advocacy initiatives.

Insights to Help Execute Your Marketing Plan and Set Up Your Next Campaign

Analyze a recent blog post to generate ideas for an email marketing campaign or your next newsletter.

Watch a short video tour of the platform

Watch a walkthrough of the full platform to see how it can turn your existing marketing assets into new repurposed content, content for distribution, and research insights to help plan your next campaign.

Unlock the compounding value of your marketing content

Content Repurposing

Repurpose existing marketing assets to use on social, email, and PR campaigns. Learn more

Content Distribution

Generate assets and insights that will help distribution on social, email, and PR campaigns. Learn more

Content Feeds

Your social and article feeds are monitored and easily accessed for repurposing and distribution enrichment. Learn more

Content Monitoring Dashboard

Benchmark your content performance, audience analysis, and technical SEO against your competition across blogs, social, and video. Learn more

Customized AI

We analyze your content alongside your competition to understand important topics, technical nuances, and train an AI model for your specific use case. Learn more

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