Introducing Miner by Automata: a search engine for company websites

Miner by Automata - A search engine for company websites. | Product Hunt Embed

Searching the web is something we do every day. The ease of use and quality of the top search engines have defined the way we access information. Although most searches leave little to be desired, there are certainly instances when you care about which websites are providing the information. For example, if you know you want to purchase something like a bicycle pump from Amazon, you are better off heading straight over to Alternatively, a simple search for “bicycle pump” on Google would give you a fantastic list of websites where you can learn all about bicycle pumps, find out which bicycle pump is the best, and find stores that will sell you a bicycle pump (including

What if you manufacture pumps and are searching for new distribution channels? You have to sift through blog articles, ads, and best-of lists that have mastered the art of SEO to be the first results you see. What you need is a list of companies that are in the “bicycle pump” world who are selling bicycle pumps, fixing bicycle pumps, or otherwise involved in the bicycle pump business.

This is where Miner by Automata saves the day. We have developed a (free) search engine that only delivers search results that come from company websites. No SEO tricks or paid advertisements will obscure the ranking of the search results. Searching “bicycle pump” on Miner will deliver a list of companies that mention this term prominently on their main website pages. Check out the results here:

Now, it goes without saying that we didn’t build a product exclusively focused on the bicycle pump business. This simple example can be translated into any product or service such as cloud security software, mattress pads, iPhone cases, etc. Some applications include:

Competitive Intelligence

Discover other companies in the same “space” as you. Keep up to date on competitive messaging and keyword strategies.

Market Research

How many companies are suitable to buy your product or service? The first step in calculating your Total Addressable Market is to figure out how many potential customers are out there.

Investment Research and Due Diligence

Looking to invest in a new promising startup? Run some descriptive keywords through Miner to see what other companies are competing in the same space.

If you want to try searching company websites, header over to Miner and take a spin (it’s free!).

Check out Automata’s Market Intelligence products including the Company Lookalikes Chrome Extension where you can discover similar companies right in your browser and Miner by Automata to perform full-text searches on company websites.

Miner by Automata - A search engine for company websites. | Product Hunt Embed