Give your outbound sales prospecting a boost with Company Lookalikes

Boost outbound sales with Company Lookalikes

It’s hard to figure out where to start an outbound sales prospecting effort. You might be in charge of selling collaboration software that should be in every single office. Or maybe you’re charged with getting your company’s solar panels on every large corporate campus in the country. Where do you start? Do you wait around for inbound leads to trickle in? Do you start Googling companies or browsing LinkedIn to figure out who to email? Outbound sales is never easy, but your best bet is to start with the companies that have bought from you before. What do they sell and who do they sell it to? You know that sales beget sales and the faster you can get to an efficient outbound strategy the better, so how do you organize your discovery so that you can front-load your success?

Company Lookalikes are exactly what they sound like. Every company has characteristics from the number of people they employ and the industry in which they operate to the type of marketing strategy they use and the type of content they produce. Each of these data points could be a predictor of a potentially valuable prospect. However, sometimes the standard parameters don’t cut it and can give you a false sense of confidence in your outreach strategy.

The Company Lookalikes strategy by Automata analyzes the text on company websites and searches the web for other companies that produce similar content. This can provide a much more granular view into the space in which the target company operates and can provide insights you may have missed with traditional “industry” or “company size” filters. Even traditional competitor lists can fall short and you can miss out on entire industry segments just because a company doesn’t directly “compete”.

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