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An AI Partner that Understands Your Industry and Your Content

You're a sophisticated marketer and storyteller. Your AI tools should be sophisticated too.

Competitive Research

We analyze and score content from your company alongside your competition to understand topical trends and what content works best.

Strict Contextual Filtering

We throw away 90% of the content generated by our AI engine before you see it. We understand which entities and products are relevant to your content.

Content Analysis and NLP

The AI generates language based on the content you upload. Although large AI language models are trained on text from across the internet to understand basic language patterns, Automata generates outputs guided by your specific content.

Learn more about how Automata can customize an AI engine for sophisticated marketers

Repurpose Content with a Customized AI model in Four Quick Steps

Select the type of content you're repurposing

Upload or link to the content

Choose your objectives

Review your customized content module & run

Step through the demo to see how to convert a blog post into Social posts

Import content in a format that fits your workflow

  • Website

    Link to a blog, news article, case study, white paper, product page, or any other marketing asset to repurpose.

  • Video

    Link to any video hosted on Youtube to repurpose your webinar, interview, or product tutorial.

  • PDF

    Upload a PDF version of your white paper, case study, or e-book.

  • Word

    Upload a .docx file of your new blog draft, product description, or case study.

  • Copy & Paste

    Copy & Paste a social post, a blog from your CMS, or any other marketing material to repurpose.

Play Video about automata demo video

Watch a short video tour of the platform

Watch a walkthrough of the full platform to see how it can turn your existing marketing assets into new repurposed content, content for distribution, and research insights to help plan your next campaign.

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Content Distribution

Generate assets and insights that will help distribution on social, email, and PR campaigns. Learn more about content distribution.

Autopilot: Hands-off Content Repurposing

Put your Content Repurposing on Autopilot. Apply a content repurposing workflow whenever new content is published on YouTube or your Blog. Learn more about how we track your content and automatically repurpose it.

Content Repurposing

Repurpose existing marketing assets to use on social, email, and PR campaigns. Learn more about content repurposing.