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Repurpose Content From Your Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube Feeds Automatically

Initiate automated repurposed content or pick-and-choose which pieces of content to distribute or repurpose on-demand.

Create Social Posts for Video Content

Extract key themes and topics from a webinar, interview, or tutorial. Generate promotional posts for LinkedIn and Twitter.

Start an Email Marketing Campaign around a Blog post

Analyze a recent blog post to kickstart an email marketing campaign or your next newsletter.

Extract Snippets from E-books and White papers

Pull out the most important passages from your PDF asset to use on landing pages.

Learn more about which types of content you can monitor and repurpose with Automata

Import content in a format that fits your workflow

  • Website

    Link to a blog, news article, case study, white paper, product page, or any other marketing asset to distribute.

  • Video

    Link to any video hosted on Youtube to distribute your webinar, interview, or product tutorial.

  • PDF

    Upload a PDF version of your white paper, case study, or e-book.

  • Word

    Upload a .docx file of your new blog draft, product description, or case study.

  • Copy & Paste

    Copy & Paste a social post, a blog from your CMS, or any other marketing material to distribute.

Play Video about automata demo video

Watch a short video tour of the platform

Watch a walkthrough of the full platform to see how it can turn your existing marketing assets into new repurposed content, content for distribution, and research insights to help plan your next campaign.

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Knowledge Base: AI that is grounded by your existing content

We analyze and index your content across all your marketing channels. Learn more about how we create new content and repurpose old content based on your marketing Knowledge Base.