Top Jasper alternatives for marketers to try in 2023

Jasper accelerated the AI writing tool landscape in 2022 with an impressive round of funding, but there are many Jasper alternatives that offer expertise in specific areas for marketers. For example, some Jasper alternatives specialize in generating ad copy, some in email marketing material, some in content repurposing, and others in long form blog writing. 

Although Jasper aims to be the all-in-one solution for marketers and AI writing, it’s good to understand how other niche tools may excel in an area when a more exhaustive solution like Jasper might be more than you need.

We are destined to see more advancements in generative AI technology in 2023 and there will surely be more AI tools for marketers launched every month. Let’s get a lay of the land for some specific use cases and review some of the best options available today.

Why do marketers use Jasper?

Jasper is one of the original AI writing tools and has not only benefited from the advancements of the underlying AI technology, the team has also implemented top notch marketing campaigns, has great communicators for leaders, and has capitalized on its head start on the rest of the market. The outcome is a product that offers a value for all writers, but especially for those of us publishing marketing content.

Jasper for writing briefs and outlines

Automatically generating briefs and outlines is a great application for most AI writing tools. As single-shot blog generation is still not ready for “set it and forget it” use cases, starting a project with a high quality brief and outline is great.

Jasper offers the ability to generate a blog outline based on a title, but the functionality is relatively limited and works best for simple “How to” articles and Listicles.

Jasper offers AI-generated blog post outlines.

Article briefs are important parts of the content creation process, especially when working as part of a content team or with freelance writers. It’s important to be able to express the goals and target keywords for the piece along with the audience and outline of the article to be written.

Although Jasper doesn’t explicitly offer a brief creation function, it offers a number of functions that can help you put together a creative brief quickly. For example, Jasper can help you generate title ideas for your new blog based on topics and even write the introduction paragraph for you.

Jasper offers AI-generated blog post intro paragraphs.

Jasper for rewriting content

Rewriting existing content is a great application for AI writing tools. With a clear instruction to convert a piece of text into another piece of text, you can change the tone, the target audience, and potentially the format of the text for another channel.

Jasper offers the ability to summarize the existing text, improve to make it more interesting or creative, expand upon an existing sentence, or rephrase text to explain it to a child.

Jasper offers the ability to change the tone of a piece of text.

Jasper for writing marketing copy

Generating marketing copy was the first commercialized application of GPT-3, the technology underneath the majority of AI writing tools, including Jasper. Marketing copy can include material to use in an email newsletter, digital ads, website landing pages, or social media. The objective of marketing (and sales) copy is to get the reader to convert.

Marketing copy offered by Jasper through by one of its templates include:

  • Facebook Ad Headline & Primary Text
  • Google Ads Headline & Description 
  • Headlines & Sub-headlines
  • Short Social Posts
  • Persuasive Bullet Points
  • Email Subject Lines

Jasper actually started out as Conversion.AI and only focused on generating high-converting Facebook ads before it ever got into the business of generating blog posts.

Jasper for writing full blog posts 

Jasper was the first tool to offer full blog posts as a featured output. When first launched, it came with a healthy mix of enthusiasm and skepticism from marketers and writers. The blog posts that were created in a single shot were not usable by any stretch of the imagination. The content was thin and needed a lot of manual work, but as long as the user knew how to use the tool as an assistant, it added a lot of value to some users to help them come up with ideas and write faster.

Some websites that were publishing single shot AI generated web pages were eventually penalized by Google. The penalties were not due to the fact that the content was AI generated, but because the content was thin and had little value.

With recent updates in the core AI technology and more advanced fine tuning and prompt design, full blog post generation has become a fantastic application for many AI writing tools including Jasper. Although it’s still not recommended to publish single-shot blogs without significant human intervention, it’s becoming clear that AI is a useful assistant to many marketers when creating blog content.

How much does it cost to use Jasper?

Jasper’s pricing is straightforward and affordable for many marketers and marketing teams. How much you pay will depend on many words you create with the tool in a month and which features you need access to. 

There are two feature-based tiers: Starter and Boss Mode.

The Starter tier includes everything you need to generate marketing copy, email copy, blog ideas and outlines, and other short-form copy. For 10,000 words or less, you’ll pay $29/mo and the price scales up from there as you generate more words.

The Boss mode tier includes everything in Starter as well as a full document editor and tools to help you create full blog posts and articles. For 50,000 words or less, you’ll pay $59/mo and the price scales up from there as you generate more words.

Top Jasper alternatives 

Jasper is a great tool, but what about other tools using AI technology to solve specific marketing challenges? You may find similar functionality in larger platforms like Jasper, but niche Jasper alternatives often have more expertise in a given area and spend more time in R&D to address a specific problem.

The important thing to note is that most generative AI products are built on top of the same technology. So it comes down to how well this technology is utilized and what expertise is layered on top of it to help you get the most bag for your buck as a budget-strapped marketer.

Let’s take a look at some niche use cases for generative AI for marketers and why you might want to consider giving them a shot as you review your stack and budget going into 2023.

Jasper Alternatives: AI writing tools for blog outlines and briefs

Writing full length blogs starts with creating an outline and a brief. Defining what you want to write is an important step whether you are using an AI writing tool or sending to a freelancer. Let’s check out two tools that offer templates to help you write your blog outline and brief.


FridayAI has many of the same features as Jasper, but focuses on generating the content you need to get started in your blog. Easily creating blog briefs and outlines is a strength of the FridayAI platform. 

With a specific module to walk you through the process of writing an article, you can leverage AI to get moving from an idea to an outline to a brief to a first draft very quickly.

Friday, a Jasper alternative, offers multiple templates to help you create full-length blogs.

In addition to focusing on generating full length blogs, FridayAI offers similar outputs for videos by giving you video ideas, titles, and outlines.

What does it cost to get started on FridayAI? You can get started with a free trial and upgrade to the Pro plan for $19/month for 200,000 AI-generated words.


Craftly.AI offers many of the same outputs as Jasper as well. Like most AI writing tools, you can select from a library of templates to get you going on a blog post. Much like FridayAI, you can get help creating ideas for your blog, blog titles, outlines, and help publishing a full length blog.

Craftly offers several different templates to create full length Ai-generated blogs.

When considering which tool to help with your blog outlines and briefs, there is little difference between most options. They are all built on the same fundamental technology and offer the same templates to guide you along. The main differences lie in UI preferences and how they implement the AI technology with their custom prompts. 

How much does it cost to start creating blog outlines and briefs with Craftly.AI? You can start for $24/mo for 20,000 words or less.

Since most AI writing tools offer similar functionality and are relatively low price and include a free trial, it’s a good idea to try several tools to accomplish the same task to decide which you prefer. 

It’s important to understand their is little difference in technology and the majority of the difference is in specific features and user experience.

Jasper Alternatives: AI writing tools for rewriting and repurposing content

Repurposing, recycling, reformatting, and rewriting existing content is a slam dunk application for AI writing tools. Since you’ve already done the hard work by coming up with an idea, researching and interviewing people on the subject, and creating the final product, it’s an excellent idea to let AI take it the last mile.

When it comes to distribution and repurposing, you don’t need the generative AI platforms to be very creative. It needs to understand the format and content you show it, and how to convert into a format for another channel and format.

Let’s take a look at two tools that can help rewrite and repurpose your content for multiple use cases. 


Automata was built first and foremost for marketers to repurpose content. The primary use case to take existing marketing material and to repurpose and reformat it for multiple channels and platforms. 

The target channels include LinkedIn, Twitter, email marketing, landing pages, and more. The sole focus of Automata’s platform on content repurposing and text for content distribution offers users more flexibility to convert multiple asset formats from web pages, Word documents, PDFs, case studies, webinars, and YouTube videos into new content for multiple channels.

Like the other AI writing platforms, Automata offers content repurposing templates that apply preset recipes to the uploaded piece of content for a variety of outputs.

Automata, a Jasper alternative, has multiple content repurposing templates.

How much does it cost to start automatically repurposing your marketing content? Automata has a $99/month plan and offers enterprise features with custom pricing.


Quillbot is the tool of choice for rewriting and paraphrasing your content.

By offering a few core features and allowing you to try them for free, it’s really easy to get started. Quillbot’s core functions include a Paraphraser, a Grammar Checker, a Plagiarism Checker, a Summarizer, and a Citation Generator. Since Quillbot’s core functionality is not to create net new content, it’s a little different than the pure AI content writing tools, but using the same core technology, it can help marketers improve and perfect their existing content.

Quillbot specializes paraphrasing and summarizing existing content.

How much does it cost to start rewriting and paraphrasing your content? They offer monthly subscriptions for $19.95/month with yearly discounts as well.

Jasper Alternatives: AI writing tools for marketing copy

Marketing copy is one of the ideal use cases for AI writing tools, and one of the original applications from early tools like CopyAI and Jasper. The short nature of typical marketing copy found in Google and Facebook Ads, email marketing, and conversion copy on landing pages allows for simple AI prompts and concise outputs.

There are many tools that excel in providing high quality marketing copy, but let’s look at two that specialize in it.


As they say on their homepage, Headlime’s AI can take your “thoughts and turn them into words, saving you tons of time so you can focus on what matters: your business!” This is a similar value proposition to many of the other AI writing tools, but Headlime offers specific copywriting tools like its AI Copywriter and Copy Generator that can produce marketing copy in seconds with thousands of pre-built templates.

Although Headlime has a great repository of marketing copy templates, they also offer tools to help write full length articles and define your product positioning with AI-generated value propositions.

Headlime, a Jasper alternative, is a leader in generating AI-inspired marketing copy.

How much does it cost to start generating marketing copy with Headlime? You can start today with their lowest $59/month plan that includes 1,500 credits that is equivalent to generating 7.5k Google ads (great for A/B testing many Ad combinations).


Copysmith, as its name suggests, offers a suite of AI tools to generate marketing copy among other applications like blog outlines and social media posts. This tool also offers a number of integrations to add AI copywriting in your existing workflows including Shopify, Google Ads, Google Docs, Frase and Zapier. It also has functionality for collaborating with your team members of keyword-specific projects.

Copysmith, a Jasper alternative, specializes in AI-generated marketing copy.

How much does it cost to start generating marketing copy with Copysmith? It’s pretty affordable. The starter plan can get you started for $19/month for 75 credits.

Jasper Alternatives: AI writing tools for sales copywriting

Sales people are constantly writing, re-writing, and optimizing the way they tell their story to prospects. The ability to quickly iterate your message to hone in on the optimal message to increase conversions in cold email campaigns and other sales processes is critical.

Like marketing copy, sales copywriting is a perfect use case for AI due to its short form and structured nature. Let’s take a look at one platform that specifically offers templates and tools to help sales professionals write better sales copy faster.


Smartwriter combines LinkedIn research with email generation to produce a streamlined flow to create ultra-customized emails. As they state on their website, the tool offers “AI personalized outreach that uses a prospect’s online data to create tailored emails.” 

Along with templates for standard marketing and sales AI content templates for Ads, blogs, and social media content, Smartwriter also offers an expansive set of email sales templates. The ability to quickly generate multiple versions of an email to hone in on the optimal pitch, framing, and call to action is valuable for sales professionals, link builders, founders, or anyone sending cold emails in bulk.

Smartwriter is one of the only AI tools to focus on cold email content.

How much does it cost to start sending personalized emails with Smartwriter? After your free trial, you can get started for $59/month for 15,000 words.

Key takeaways 

There has been an explosion in AI writing tools in 2022. As you review your marketing stack and budget for 2023, you may want to consider AI writing tools as Jasper alternatives that accomplish specific marketing goals and can help your strapped team be more efficient and budget-sensitive.

Although big AI writing platforms like Jasper offer a myriad of textual outputs, there are many smaller applications that do slow or jobs better and often cheaper.