Automata launches new self-service Content Repurposing software

Automata launches new self-service content repurposing software

Content repurposing is one of the most discussed marketing strategies that “everyone must do.” Taking a quick scan across the LinkedIn and Twitter marketing gurus, most of them will say that repurposing old content is the fastest and smartest way to consistently output new content.

And it makes sense. Why not look back to your best performing content and repurpose it for additional channels and formats. It gives you the opportunity to talk about topics that matter to your audience and publish more on-brand content.

On the other hand, content repurposing is also one of those strategies that everyone knows they should do, but don’t do. Sometimes it feels easier to come up with a new idea and start from scratch. It might also feel lazy and like you’re taking a shortcut to look back and repackage old content. But neither of these are true. It’s much easier to repackage existing content—all the research and heavy thinking has been done! In addition, it gives you the opportunity to take content for one part of the funnel and repurpose it for other parts of the funnel for a brand new target audience.  

Automata has released a software platform that helps marketers repurpose content for multiple channels and formats like social media, email, landing pages, and more. By promoting the importance of a repeatable content repurposing strategy, Automata hopes to help marketers and writers publish more content with less effort in less time.

Here’s the exciting part: it’s now self-serve. We had originally built the platform for customized enterprise marketers, but we are now opening it up to anyone who wants to use it. 

Looking to repurpose a Youtube video or blog post for a Twitter thread or email newsletter? Send it through Automata’s content repurposing platform to get started.

AI writing tools are everywhere—what makes Automata different?

With Jasper’s recent announcement of its unicorn status with a massive Series A round and new AI tools popping up overnight, it’s tempting to question why we need more tools that do the same thing. We wonder this at Automata as well. However, with the commoditization of the underlying technology behind all of these tools (Jasper, CopyAI, Automata, Moonbeam, etc), the barrier to entry to developing an AI-powered writing platform is quite low. The barrier to coming up with a new, useful idea is as high as ever.

The Generative AI Landscape published by Sequoia Capital:

We’ve solved a different problem than the other AI-powered platforms. We are focused on what happens after the piece of marketing content has been written. What often happens is that a blog post is published or a video is posted, and that is the end of the story. Our goal is to help marketers, writers, founders, and consultants get every bit of value out of each piece of content they publish with a repeatable content repurposing and distribution strategy.

We work well with or without other AI writing tools

Automata is not in the business of writing your core content. We are in the business of making sure your core content gets as much visibility and that you get the most value as possible from that core content. To this end, we aren’t particularly concerned with how you create your core content. You might use an AI editor to help you create the blog post, or you might employ an army of freelancers and researchers for each piece and that is great too. Our main goal is to help take that piece of content that you’ve invested in, and help you get more out of it.

Content Repurposing is often ignored

Content repurposing is a strange step in the content creation process. It comes in two main forms.

  1. Content distribution. This happens pretty much right after you hit publish on your blog, video, case study, white paper, or whatever. How are you going to get it in front of the audience that matters? Are you going to just dump links in Facebook groups and on LinkedIn, and hope for SEO traffic? Are you going to create engaging social content that captures the key themes of your core content to entice your audience to read further? Whatever content distribution means to you, your core piece of content should sit at the center of it and your distribution material should be derived directly from it.
  2. Repurposing old(er) content. This process sits at the opposite end of the content creation process from content distribution. Repurposing old(er) content comes into play in the ideation and creation stage where you take themes and key insights from existing content to publish on new channels and formats. For example, that blog post you published a year ago can be a great Twitter thread or an answer to a question on Quora.

Content repurposing is often ignored, especially at startups and smaller companies because creating content is extremely hard. Once you tie up the loose ends on your video or blog post, it’s tempting to just move on to the next thing. The next article. The next Ad campaign. The next whatever. However, if no one sees that content, what’s the point of creating it at all? Focusing on content distribution is critical for successful content campaigns and using old content for inspiration for new content is a great way to stay on brand and create multiple touch points for an engaged audience.

Let the writers write and leave the boring stuff to us

We focus on the concept of letting writers write, and the rest should be automated. The hard part is the ideation, the research, the writing, and the editing. Talented marketers and writers are publishing world class content every day, and this is most likely true at your company too. Many marketers are hesitant to hand the keys to an AI writing platform, regardless of how good they are getting. However, the reformatting and repackaging of this original content is something AI is very good at. It reads what you have published, and tries to create the best content for whatever channel or format you are targeting.

What can you do with Automata’s Content Repurposing software?

Automata’s content repurposing software lets you upload a variety of content types in multiple formats and convert it into content for multiple channels and formats all at once. For example, you can upload a blog from your website to produce social posts for Twitter and LinkedIn along with some ideas for a repurposed email newsletter. You can also copy & paste a LinkedIn post to create blog post ideas and email subject lines based on the content of the post.

Upload your content, choose your outputs, press “run”

Automata accepts a number of content formats in a variety of file types. Whether you’re creating case studies, webinars, whitepapers, ebooks, blog posts, news articles, or social posts, we can analyze them and convert them into a number of formats. This content can be uploaded with a link, a PDF upload, a Word document upload, or even copy and pasted directly into the platform. 

After you upload your content and tell us what it is, you simply select what type of content you’d like Automata to output and hit “go.” After about a minute, your results will be ready to be used in whatever platform or channel you are repurposing for.

Select the type of content you are uploading.

Upload your document from a link, file, or copy & paste

Select your target output content formats for your content repurposing task.

Press “run” and let the magic happen!

Features for Enterprise users and Teams

Our initial intention was to create a content repurposing platform specifically for enterprise teams. However, we are reacting to significant inbound interest from individual contributors, freelancers, founders, and content coaches that are looking to create or enhance their content repurposing strategy. However, this comes at the expense of some customized features that can’t be duplicated in a self-service platform. For enterprise teams, we still offer the following features that augment their content repurposing workflows:

  1. Competitive content monitoring dashboard
  2. Custom AI writing personas
  3. Automated content repurposing workflows
  4. Team collaboration and result sharing

What’s the plan for the future?

We want to hear how our users want to repurpose and distribute their content. Are you interested in creating content for Quora and Reddit? If so, we want to build it. Are you interested in designing Ad campaigns based on your latest blog posts? If this is true, we want to build it.

We are looking to create the most comprehensive place for repurposing textual content. In addition, we are exploring ways to advance beyond just written content and repurposing text as video, audio, and image.