Updates: Introducing Twitter threads, blog outlines, and newsletter content

Automata platform updates

A lot has been in the works over the last month, and we are excited to share our new product update. With an increased focus on helping marketers repurpose their content, we have added the ability to convert marketing assets into Twitter threads, blog post outlines, and email newsletter content. This product update also includes the ability to share AI generated content across your team to collaborate on social posts, content planning, and more.

New Features

We continue to add more input document types and formats, output formats for more channels and platforms, and improved functionality to fit within existing marketing workflows.

Twitter Threads

Twitter threads are a great format to create from long form marketing material. They are naturally set up to tell a story in multiple sections, similar to chapters or sub headers. We recently used our tool to create a Twitter thread based our latest blog post.

New Blog Outlines

Long form marketing assets like case studies, white papers, webinars, and ebooks are great for repurposing into blogs. Get a head start with the first part of most writers’ workflow by getting some ideas for an outline and possible headers based on your uploaded content.

You can even get blog outline inspiration based on a single Tweet or LinkedIn post. This is a great way to get an in-house content specialist or freelancer started on new blog topics without having them start with a blank page.

Email Newsletter Content

Email subject lines was one of our original output formats, but we are releasing the full email content alongside it now to further our content repurposing capabilities. By analyzing your uploaded content, our AI engine will write a few sentences for you to start you off on alerting your email subscribers that a new blog has arrived, or whatever the content you uploaded is about.

Content repurposing outputs for Automata's AI content enrichment platform.
Content repurposing outputs now include Twitter threads, blog outlines, email subject lines, email newsletter content, and headlines for social and landing pages.

Sharing Across Your Team

Share AI generated results with other team members within the platform.

Share your AI-generated content across other team members that have an Automata account.
Share your AI-generated content across other team members that have an Automata account.

Platform overview

Automata has multiple features that differentiates it from most other AI writing tools, assistants, and platforms. By combining content aggregation, competitive marketing intelligence, strict filtering of AI-generated content, and a commitment to continue to fit into the marketer’s existing workflow, Automata is the best platform to exploit the advantages of AI generated content for real marketing applications.

Document Processing and Analysis

Upload multiple formats including links to blog posts, news articles, PDFs, Youtube videos, website content, and more. Also upload PDFs, Word Documents, or HTML files if you have them locally on your computer. More integrations with document editors like Google Docs and WordPress is on the product roadmap as part of our goal to fit into existing content creation workflows.

Upload content from a variety of channels and marketing efforts from social, demand generation, to PR and news.
Upload content from a variety of channels and marketing efforts from social, demand generation, to PR and news.

After you tell us what type of content you are uploading, it’s simple to upload from a link, directly from a file, or copy and paste the content into Automata’s text editor.

Upload a document from a link, directly from your computer, or simply copy and paste the content directly into our text editor.
Upload a document from a link, directly from your computer, or simply copy and paste the content directly into our text editor.

Content Repurposing Outputs

There are a number of output formats that you can convert existing marketing materials into. The currently available outputs include Twitter threads, blog post outlines, email subject lines, email newsletter content, and landing page and social headlines.

Content Distribution Outputs

Content distribution is a critical part of every content creation pipeline. Merely creating content and putting it up on your website hoping to gain traffic is not a great strategy and kills most marketing metrics. Having a repeatable set of tasks to distribute every piece of content helps give an initial boost to new content and continuing to distribute content long after it has been published lets you tap into the compounding value of content creation.

Generate promotional Twitter and LinkedIn posts, summaries, shareable snippets directly from the uploaded document to distribute content across social, Slack groups, and other places where your audience is present. Automata also uncovers potential backlink opportunities by analyzing similar content and seeing which domains link back to it. If you run a backlink outreach program as part of your content distribution strategy this is a good place to start.

Content distribution outputs include promotional LinkedIn posts, promotional Twitter posts, and more.

Content Planning Outputs

Planning your next piece of content should be part of your current content creation process. Automata analyzes your content and suggests additional topics to write about based on the analyzed topics.

After every piece of content is processed through Automata, you will be able to add another blog or article to the end of your content calendar to improve consistency.

Competitive Insights

Competitive insights and marketing content analysis is the backbone of Automata’s core platform. We analyze your top competitors and how they interact with and publish on various social, video, and web channels.

Quick Content Insights

The Insights Page of Automata’s competitive content dashboard gives you quick insights into which competitors are publishing the most often on each channel and which competitors are performing the best on each channel.

Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube Feeds

Monitor up-to-date feeds across all of your competitors on four main content channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Blog.

Monitor competitive content feeds across social, video, and blog.

Blog Performance Benchmarking

Every blog published by your competitors is scored based on SERP performance. Understand which competitors are writing about the same topics as you, what keywords are they ranking for, and how are they performing on the search engines. Also, keep track of trending topics across competitors’ blogs.

Benchmark your SERP performance against your competition.

Youtube Performance Benchmarking

Keep track of which competitors are using Youtube as a primary content channel, what they are publishing about, and how their video content is performing. Video content is not the right option for every company, but if the majority of your competitors are executing video-heavy content strategies, it’s likely that they are finding their (and your) audience on those platforms. Video content is starting to be a primary channel for many B2B marketing teams and there are many ways to capitalize on its growing presence in marketing strategies.

Monitor your competitor's Youtube channels and how their videos are performing.

Onpage SEO Benchmarking

Onpage SEO is a boring, but it is a critical analysis for top performing websites. Google takes into account load time and page meta data in its primary search algorithms, so it’s important to keep your website competitive across all metrics. 

Your audience is experiencing your website alongside your competition’s, so make sure you don’t stand out as a low performer among your peers.

Benchmark your SEO stats against your competition.

Audience Overlap

You likely share a large portion of your audience with your competitors. Many of your Twitter followers are following other similar companies, and many sites linking to your website are most likely linking to your competitor’s websites as well. Identify any gaps in your backlink profile and understand why there may be large groups of Twitter users that are unaware of your offering.

Feature Roadmap

We are constantly listening to our current users and we also use our own platform to execute our content marketing strategy. As we do this, we are consistently improving along as many dimensions as possible. Our next platform iteration will include two main features that will greatly decrease a marketer’s time-to-value with process automation, output recipes, and weekly roundup reports.

Output Recipes

Many marketers find themselves following a consistent distribution and repurposing framework with every piece of content they produce. This is fantastic, and the best way to be consistent with your publishing cadence. With this in mind, we are introducing expansion recipes that our users can save, and apply to every new piece of content.

For example, if you want to produce promotional LinkedIn and Twitter posts along with an email marketing campaign with every new blog post, you can save this recipe and apply it to every new blog post that appears on your feed automatically without having to log in to Automata’s platform.

Process Automation

Marketers are busy people and we are always trying to find ways for our platform to add value to their content creation workflow in the most non-invasive way. For example, if we can add value to a marketer’s workflow without them having to log into a platform at all, that’s what we want to do.

With our existing platform, users upload or input a link to a piece of content, select their desired outputs, and hit “Go”. Although this process only takes about a minute, we are looking to decrease the “time-to-value” by automatically generating content based on every piece of our user’s content before they even tell us it exists. 

We are monitoring social feeds, Youtube channels, and blog pages so when any piece of content is published, your expansion document will be sitting in Automata’s platform waiting for you.

Weekly Roundups

Marketers are publishing multiple pieces of content across many different platforms every week. They are doing this while their competitors are implementing a similar strategy at the same time. It’s always good to pay attention to what others in the industry are doing, even if you are trying to implement your own unique, research-based content strategy.

We will begin sending a “weekly roundup” email that summarizes what happened that week within your own and your competition’s content feeds across video, blog, and social.

Key Takeaways

Automata already allows you to generate content and extract insights to support your content repurposing and distribution frameworks, but we continue to add new features to improve workflow compatibility and to expand content formats and channels. Stay tuned for additional feature updates and feel free to let us know how our solution can continue to supercharge your content creation pipeline.